When we were lions

for Fakhra Younus

I dreamt that we were the stronger of the pride
all of us
a tidal wave of lionesses cresting with open jaws
at the top of the wave to descend upon him
as he stood over you

just in time
before the acid melted your face, your body
we rubbed your supple brow with ours
licked your tender dancer skin with healing
juices of our saliva and protected you from any evil
man could craft

he imagined himself an alchemist
with acumen to transform worthless human flesh
into guiltless pleasure then to sewage flowing
through him, the hollow insides of a gutter

not in this dream Fakhra
the only flying that you do
is across the plain in chase of prey
heat that you feel is only the afternoon sun
warming your back while you pounce a playful dance
in the wild amber


Poem response to Sunday Whirl wordle #49


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