Every sign pointing West

In the two a.m. darkness between
white walls
on a twin bed too small for a grown woman
a whisper of him
touched the hair next to her ear, “that feels like love”
she finally closed her eyes

trick of the lucky card in a worn Taro pack
this message pulling her back to the place
she didn’t want to return
a place where the sun always shines
the smell of rain is a wish blown on a dandelion

he called to her
this man she didn’t yet know
in a language not her own
Ven, mi amor!  Ven, mi vida!

like a string on kite, she tried to stay grounded
but lifted airborne at the slightest breeze
every sign pointing West
in the shape of a life with two more happy babies
pet cats and a dog, all of them leaving paw prints on the heart

all because when finally they met
his mouth tasted good every morning, like rain during the drought
when she rested her head on his shoulder
his smell was what she wanted to wear everyday
until they grew old



Response to Sunday Whirl Wordle #50


4 thoughts on “Every sign pointing West

    • What a huge compliment! Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback and for introducing me to your blog and community.


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