With love from Mom

My sweet mom sent this poem she wrote for me today to help with one of my current internal battles.  Maybe it will help some of you with yours too.  Thanks mom!

Letting Go- A Mother’s Journey:

I must find a way thru the tears and regret

It doesn’t feel right; Please not just yet

They can’t be all grown… I’m really not ready

Wasn’t it yesterday they still needed Teddy

It doesn’t feel right but I know that I must

Give my family wings, find my faith and trust

that all will be well after all these years

I must find a way thru the worry and fear

It doesn’t feel right but I know that I should

let go.  

They are strong, they are grown, and they’re good

My peace and joy are forever intertwined with theirs

and I must let them go to climb those stairs

to find their way and send their prayers


3 thoughts on “With love from Mom

  1. Yes, but all in all it’s so great when they do well and when you see this you’ll realize that both you and your children are a part of our community in a way that everybody’s children are your children just as well. That’s the day where you really get wings.


  2. This is written in a form – but still it’s inspired by your mom’s poem. Please give her my regards (she wrote a great poem).


    The invisible truth
    it is that
    somehow, we always do the same.
    From your very first tooth,
    little lad,
    you were part of the scary game.

    You laughed to the mirror
    so did we.
    You saw you, you and you.
    “Go sit with your sister, near her,
    next to me.”
    I need you to belong here, too.

    Who does not celebrate?
    The first tooth?
    Who does not think of tomorrow?
    Here on this certain date:
    who can soothe
    my endless feeling of sorrow?


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