Love this girl. My sentiments exactly! Poetic indeed.

No, THIS is how you do it...

Politics is a tricky business. Sad but true to say, especially since it should be neither tricky OR business, but there you have it. In spite of this, it is the cross we must bear in order to self-govern, though this is not a new conundrum as many would have you believe. Politics has been tricky – (hello John Adams and your cheeky midnight appointments) and business-y (before the tea-party, there was the Teapot Dome, and it was a dirty business, eh, Mr. Harding?) and straight dirty (Old Hickory would give you an earful on this railing on about the Corrupt Bargain of 1824, and the subsequent accusations that his beloved was actually an adulterer – not to mention the Petticoat Affair of which Daniel Webster said: “It is odd enough, that the consequence of this dispute in the social . . . world, is producing great political…

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