Message in a bottle: Mars Sea of Tranquility

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle (Photo credit: TonG Fotoart)

Have these lines settled into
homes around my eyes, mouth, forehead,
so I can no longer ask the question
receive a serious answer,
or even be considered
for a moment

I am willing to toil in this garden
day and night
leaving my children pulling at my elbows
for dinner and bedtime stories
if only someone can tell me a good reason
why the rule for a line break cannot be broken

Tell me o wise distinguished pedigreed academicians
with your words from the catacombs,
how punctuation can be used in poetry,
but must be grammatically correct.  Tell me
how to breathe in and out.
Tell my heart what rhythm earns your grace.

Or am I to add to these lines
these splitting hairs
in more and more notebooks that
when piled high, will not even reach the dirty basement

I am but one body that will perish and all of my lines
rooted or homeless, quiet and un-cherished
will likely fall away
to dust