If this is a dream, I’ll meet you at South Mountain when we wake

“Daddy Long Legs”

He sauntered suavé
from his mother’s womb and she
carried him on the wind like a leaf
all the way from Porfirio Diaz, Mexico.
They say spiders can love butterflies
I am not always sure

There is something in the warmth
of his brown body
curled around mine in quiet moments
an intrigue of danger to the female heart

With his head of black hair and
taut legs climbing into a fast car
a seductive pillow talk and smiling
hoyuelo whispering words of
forever until the dawn

It was summer then
and there was always the fear
his great migration was merely to
find his next prey
I sometimes suspect he eats Monarch Butterflies
my fragile wings all aflutter


“In love with the Taliban”

Nine years it took
for me to find myself again
There you were trying to sell me candles
that burned long after the sushi and
sake were gone

I had to laugh when your dark lips asked
“Are you married?”
In the middle of our first love.

Then you asked in Japanese
“What time do you have to be home?”
Oh—my smile released purple butterflies
From my exposed heart; I believe
I am
finally home

We sat close through the whole movie
our hands sweating to reach out for one another
Fell completely in love
without touching

When you slept in the hospital bed
next to the tiny redhead
When you watch me dress
like you really mean it
Even when you ask me what if…and
I can’t be bothered to answer

You speak to me in Spanish
“Calme te mujere.”
All I hear is
the way your lips move
to the sound of my breath

I see the picture of you
your beard growing into your eyes
because your days are spent
playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake
with the love who now holds your hand

and I think,

Man, I’m in love with the Taliban.




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