Anything can happen.
Like one of those days
when hell freezes over or
pigs sprout pixie wings and soar off
to Neverland.

You asked me out for Sushi–
I said yes to play along,
with a smile that tempted faith
in humanity.
A debate which fortunately,
you lost.

The whole way there my thoughts
turned to grins.
He’s just a kid. Soon there will be
a camera in my face
seeking reaction to the final reveal.

Then we arrived at this place–
an intimate Cherry Blossom
wood, red brick, and candlelight.
And I realize…
This is no kid.
Dark brown eyes boring through me
for real, seeking all of my truths.

And I no longer know anything
real or unreal.
For the world has turned strange, colorful.
All of its rules blown away in this whirlwind
leaving me like a child
in a place full of whimsy and wonder
and absolutely no adult sense of reason
to resist.


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