About the poet

“I Came From Winter”

I came from winter and I am;

Blown in on a 1933 Chicago 47th Street wind and I am;

Squeeze of air through lips and horn I am a woman;

Lost her man, her money, and her mind but not her pulse;

When I roll into the club from tightening up my winter soul
I loosen the strings and let it fill again with warm black Harlem
With words from a different skin that fits just right on my arm
With pitch and wail — horns and baritone bass so blue they’re purple

That’s me. A low red flicker of candle beneath the flow of breath; a Miles Davis love

I am in the smoke, the heat, sweat of your palm, in the snow dripping from the tap; your

After the show, notes that repeat in your veins I am;

Freezing air and snow on your lashes I am;

To bundle, to hold in your soul, to kiss dangerously in the dark until soaked I am;

Bodies making jazz until we are just instruments on the floor I am;


3 thoughts on “About the poet

    • Thank you Sabrina. This might just be the best comment I have ever received. Can’t wait to read what you’ve got cooking on your blog!


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