About the blog

This blog is one part my need as a poet to contribute to a world of poetry, and one part my response to the world in general.  It is a means of expressing my introverted voice silenced against the boom of others for too long.

This is the place where new and old poems and poets come into the world as babies. Naked, ready to be nurtured and loved as they are.  As babies, they are given the affection they deserve just for being, until they grow into what they are meant to be in this world.

In this place, the poem is free from all constraints to come into its own.  There is nobody to decide where an appropriate line break should be or to say that punctuation must be used appropriately in poetry as in prose.  It is not that I am ignorant of the rules or that I have a chip on my shoulder about academia and the rules (well maybe a little), but the real reason for this blog is to allow the poetry to come alive in whatever form it chooses.  If others don’t understand it, if academia, the institution, discourse, society, does not understand it, then it is for the soul.

Poet and poem are raw.  This is also not to say that there is no revision.  There is tremendous value in revision.  These works will be in various stages of growth.  Disclaimer up.

As my four year-old says, “Tu no llamas las vacunas aquí!” which translates literally to “You don’t call the vaccinations here.”  In other words, I call the shots in this forum, and I happily welcome fresh new poetry babies into the world.


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